February 17, 2018

Which is better? Blogger or WordPress?

Question by : Which is better? Blogger or WordPress?
I am a huge google user (besides this yahoo answer account) I have gmail, youtube, etc. And I want a professional, easy blog with lots of other dedicated users. I would prefer to use blogger, but word press looks way more appealling. I couldn’t even go on blogger.com or their homepage (if there is one) to see other people’s blogs. I don’t know if its just me, but from the 2 days i have been thinking about blogging, wordpress looks like it is more organized and easy to navigate through. Can I get pros and cons and an answer to my above question? Also, what do you use and why? Thank you so much.

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Answer by Hemant
Blogger is the best for blog.

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  1. WordPress. But I highly advise you not to start a free WordPress.com blog if you want to use your own theme, take advantage of plugins or want to monetize your blog with advertising or affiliate programs. If those are your intentions, then get a decent web hosting account and do it right from the start. That way you don’t have to mess around with transfers later on.

    Also, places like Blogger and WordPress.com can delete your blog for even the tiniest violation of their terms of service and no amount of begging and pleading will get it back.

    Blogs don’t come with dedicated users. You have to earn them.

    WordPress is really easy to install from within the web hosting control panel. I recommend a host that uses the cPanel control panel. Many of them use popular script installers like Fantastico, SimpleScripts or Softaculous. The WordPress installer is in there.

  2. I would go with self-hosted WordPress or Blogger if you want it to be free. The free version of WordPress is just frustrating. You can’t do as much as you can do on Blogger and it just becomes annoying to have to work with. I like self-hosted the best because you have so much more control. Blogger is nice though because they have some nice templates that are easy to change.

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