February 17, 2018

What is the best website to start a blog?

Question by gefrie: What is the best website to start a blog?
Eventually if successful, I’d like to be able to monetize it to place ads using google adsense services, but for now I’d like something that would be able to display pictures I host somewhere else, or videos from places like YouTube.

I would also like to have an RSS feed where I would be able to decide if I want to ‘push’ the whole blog posting to be published to a user’s feed reader or just a preview so that they would have to click back to my blog posting.

I would start at least with getting my own url so people would have an easy address to remember instead of a longer more complex url.

What is the best blogging software you would suggest?

What are the pros and cons of sites such as blogger or wordpress?
What should I consider when it comes to things like facebook and twitter integration?
And the ability for people to comment on posts that I write are pretty important too.

Best answer:

Answer by SETI
then use the google blog site.

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  1. Alexandru says:

    WordPress offers you more features and plugins.
    And wordpress just had the rankings increased significantly by Google.

  2. ComTech391 says:

    I have a gmail account and I do use Google’s Blog program to blog about Linux. i really don’t know if it would fit your needs, but it doesn’t cost anything. When you are on the Google screen, click more and it should bring up the products and services they have, scroll down to Blog and open it. My Blog is too new right now to have followers or people making comments, but that actually gives me plenty of time to write and post more comments for people to respond to.

  3. Before you even starting a blog you better get educated fast about blog scrapers and content thieves I advise you to learn as much as you can about how to protect you’re site!! If you don’t someone is going to be making a quick buck at you’re expense.



    Go with Word Press it’s better than Blogger!

  4. Lime Lite says:

    East or West, WordPress is the best :-)

    One reason is it, provides many free plugins you can easily use. In order to know more, visit the URLs given in the source box. Another is, it’s highly customizable, perhaps 10 folds then Google’s blogger blogs.

    For Adsense ads, use the WordPress free plugin QuickAdsense. It will do wonders for you :-)

    Visit the link: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/

    Type in there “RSS Feed” , “Adsense” one by one without ” and ” whatever functionality you will need in your WordPress blog and get the plugins. Setup your WordPress blog and it’s much easier and better than Google’s blogger. Google often disables blogger blogs without any justified reason adn you have very less control on blogger interface.

  5. Joe Jamal says:

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