February 17, 2018

Composer/artist wants to blog – Should I create two blogs or just one?

Question by Alexander K: Composer/artist wants to blog – Should I create two blogs or just one?

I am a music composer and an artist and I am thinking of blogging and using my blog as a venue for my music and my art. I am currently trying to come up with a good domain name and I find it difficult to come up with a simple yet effective name which combines my last name and the theme of the blog (music composition and art). So, it just dawned upon me whether it would be better if I actually did two separate blogs, one for my music and one for my art. The pros are that it would be easier to come up with a name for both my blogs, that I would have two blogs hence more exposure and third that each blog would be focused on one theme. On the other hand, two blogs means double amount of work, and being a novice in blogging that is certainly something to consider. Also, having a blog for both music composition and art makes it easier to update my blog more frequently with new content and the variety of content would make it in my opinion more interesting…

What is your opinion? Should I create two blogs or one focusing on both composition and art? If so, how could that be reflected on my domain name? Thanks in advance!

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Answer by King
yeah I think you should create 2 , so that you can specify and focus on both.

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Are liberals “Masters of Deceit,” or just not good at rational dialog?

Question by jimbo: Are liberals “Masters of Deceit,” or just not good at rational dialog?
Blogging sites like this one are often used by bloggers who primarily use stats from pasted links to support their position instead of inductive/deductive reasoning (rational dialog). Posts often look like they came out of a Politics 101 textbook. Recent past – often used liberal stat was of the UN ranking of Cuba ahead of the US in health care. Go figure. When you researched the stat, it turns out the the criteria was pretty far out there. Also, news media will often “totally” omit news that is unfavorable to the liberal cause. The recent annual pro-life rally with tens of thousands of people participating in DC was not covered at all by most of the mainstream media. Not news worthy? Thoughts?
Chewy – impressive, but you did not dispute my particular arguments.
Lord God. Your link pretty much proved my point. It is called interpretation .. or better yet – lack of.

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Answer by Pixie
anything that would stop the inconvenient babies being killed is offensive to most on the left.

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Just Started blogging…tips?

Question by THEbestEAzY: Just Started blogging…tips?
I need to learn how to get traffic to my site ect. I am starting a blog to where i publish stories readers send to me and talk about them…Now i just need readers lol. Any tips and how much money is possible from google adsense

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Answer by Ed Atun
The best sites always get discovered. You have to keep adding new and interesting things. It only takes one or 2 readers to spread the news over the internet.
There are 133 million blogs on the internet today. Most of them have an audience of one.

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I just started blogging, any tips?

Question by Rose.: I just started blogging, any tips?
Yeah so, I just started blogging,
how do I get more people to follow me and such??
any tips? thanks.

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Answer by Sunrise




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I just started blogging, how do I get to generate more traffic? What are the best ways to get your blog noticed?

question from Theresa in Merida : I just started blogging, how do I get to generate more traffic? What are the best ways to get your blog noticed?
I’m pretty much a niche market, I realize know that my blog is at theresainmerida.blogspot.com is, I would like to add another blog about cooking, is that a good tie? Many thanks Theresa Best Answer:

reply imisidro
Here are some ways you can promote your blog kann1. Create great content – everything starts with great content. Think ‘Linkbait “- or writing about things that are so great that people want to link to you, it can be a hook where you write news about something that is contrary to what everyone says different is his will; resource Hook, where you are. the only information available or humor Haken.2. Update the content regularly – make your visitors come back again and again to your blog by daily updates (multiple posts per day!) 3 Submit your blog to blog directories wieTechnorati http://www.technorati.com/ping.htmlDAYPOP http://www.daypop.com/info/submit.htmFeedster http://www.feedster.com/add.phpBloglines http://www.bloglines.com/register/Blogdex http://blogdex.net/add.aspTOPIX.NET http://www.topix.net/topix/faq?feedback=1popdex http://www.popdex http://www.blogwise http://blogcritics.org/archives/2003/10/06/134209.phpBlogstreet .com / addsite.phpBlogcritics.org http://www.blogstreet.com/bin/addrss.cgiCafe Off .com / submitBoingBoing http://boingboing.net/suggest.html2rss http://www.2rss.com/WeBlogALot http://www.weblogalot.com/Ping/Globe of Blogs http://www.globeofblogs.com / register.phpBlog Truth Laid Bear universe http://bloguniverse.com/Die http://www.truthlaidbear.com/addtoscan.phpMemigo http://www.memigo.com/users/joinBlogHop http://www. bloghop.com / account / index.htmSites Swiss http://www.blogarama.com/index.php?show=addInhalt Matter http://www.bloghq.com/create.php4. Network with other bloggers – read comment on their blogs and links to other blogs and ask it leads back to dir5. E-mail from other bloggers – pitch your post to other bloggers and hope they find a quote you Blog6. Use techniques to showcase your blog -. Examples of memes are games like The Daily Meme Carnival http://blogcarnival.com/bc/7 http://thedailymeme.com/ or you can try pay-per-click programs such as Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing http://www.google.com/adwords http://searchmarketing.yahoo.c … – If the key is to closely monitor your ROI and which keywords actually good Leistung8 sure. your blog is detachable from the search engines – and make sure that your title great keywords that your target group are most likely to use, haben9 Send press releases during outfits as much as $ 650 per release for free, there are free press release template.. places on the Web. press releases you can (a) the attention of the media, (b) more backlinks attract to your website without sending an e-mail request each site, and (c) more visibility especially if your press release in Google News or Yahoo News bekommt.http: / / www.prleap.com / sign_up.html http://i-newswire.com/http://www.24-7pressrelease.com/ …… …. http://www.pressbox.co.uk/cgi-bin/links/ .. … …… http://www.pr.com/press-releases http://www.prfree. com / http: / / www.clickpress.com / releases / index … http://www.theopenpress.com/http://www.przoom.com/http://www.prweb.comhttp:// www.newswiretoday.com/http://www.free-press-release.com/ …… 10th Submit articles with your blog posts. Write articles and submit them to websites accepting author submissions. you get exposure for your business, shall be considered an authority in your field and allows you to back links for your website. If publish 50 websites your article and it contains a link to your site, then easy 50 links from a single article. The more links you have, the greater the chances for increasing your search engine rankings.

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