February 17, 2018

LiveJournal.com or MySpace.com Which better and Why?

Question by Gadget: LiveJournal.com or MySpace.com Which better and Why?
Afternoon all,

Which is a better site for blogging,keeping in contact with friends,communities,etc… LiveJournal.com or MySpace.com and Why? Please state in detail the pros and cons of each site.

Thanks for your time,help. Have a good afternoon. ^.^

Best answer:

Answer by Jay
I’m gonna have to say LiveJournal. Myspace is too wrapped up in customization to get anything done.

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  1. Charmed & Dangerous says:

    I would say myspace, i had a livejournal account and i found it useless, on myspace you can find friends easy, you can keep in contact easy, overall it’s just so much easier than livejournal

  2. Livejournal is better for blogging, MySpace is better for everything else. If you are young, you have to beware of all of the pedophiles on MySpace though.

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