February 17, 2018


  1. JewishFred says:

    Happening to me too quite often

    It’s just some dude that is lonely and likes to spy on me when I have sex with their sister loo

  2. Shmimtown says:

    I have had this happen as well. I was basically trying to figure out if someone had hacked my online account or if I had gotten a virus/trojan inside my computer in my outlook. Turns out it wasn’t in my outlook but in my online account and this is the far better problem to have. I can’t give you much advice on the mac side as I am a PC however i think it is far more likely that the someone just hacked your password in hotmail. One way to tell is go to hotmail thru your browser and look in the sent messages, also look in your client program and see if the messages were sent from your machine. The answer will tell you where the breach was. Also in my case I had a very outdated address book in hotmail and the outlook one was updated, as the email was sent to my hotmail contacts I was able to determine that the breach was not local to my computer. If any of this is unclear just let me know and I will check back and follow up.

  3. In many cases this can happen with SPOOFING. The spammer goes to a public SMTP mail server and bounces email outbound from that server to the TARGETS (whomever they are sending to) email address.
    However looking at the actual headers in the message can confirm this.

    If you check your sent items, and you do not see this message AND you dont see this in your deleted items, then it may be a spoofing issue.

    Changing your password, and being vigilant about your system may be the best bet.

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